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Intelligent design

Designed as if a magic box, Steppingstone is full of wonder. Entering through a darkened passageway, one emerges into a vast sun-drenched interior blessed with epic views of the English countryside. This revelation is all the more surprising with the realisation that Steppingstone is 7.5m below ground and begs the question:

how do you make a subterranean building not seem subterranean?

The answer lies in the intelligent design and integrity of its build.


Architectural magic

The evolution of Steppingstone takes the form of a magical architectural journey. Built into an excavated sandstone quarry, the split-level site and south-west orientation combine with the overall size of the house to create unprecedented levels of direct and reflected light. Such smart architectural tricks ensure natural light and fresh air permeate the living spaces via an intelligent and sustainable design to create a living, breathing, healthy family home.


Seamlessly connected

The architectural journey continues, with each space designed to offer up different perspectives and experiences, both vertically and horizontally. Yet everything is seamlessly connected. Extensive views through a sequence of spaces provide visual continuity wherever you find yourself in the house. 


Living family life to the full

Conceived, designed, built and lived in by its current owners as a family home, Steppingstone has been filled with fun, laughter and play from day one.

Whether relaxing and contemplating life through a 22m single-event window span, taking a dip in the bespoke 20m level-deck indoor infinity pool or descending to a secluded camping area and treehouse to while away the summer evenings under the stars with family and friends, loving Steppingstone is easy; living at Steppingstone is a joy.